Buitenzorg offers a number of active and challenging activities like archery, leather- and woodwork, survival bracelet or mini pioneering. For discoverers there is a nature box, full of helpful tools to help you search for plants, animals and insects around the camp site.

At Buitenzorg we are proud of our sustainable and green activities. We are constantly creating new activities to help our guests discover nature. The SCENES activities help Scouts and their leaders to challenge themselves. As well as activities, there is information about the flora and fauna at Buitenzorg in the Theehuis, with some examples of nature activities you could do at home.

If you like hiking, try our one or two day hike, or discover Baarn or the surroundings with a photo hike.

We are proud of the Nationaal Scoutingmuseum here at Buitenzorg. Why not ask for a guided tour of the museum, or discover the museum on your own with our quiz.

There are enough activities for everyone. If you would like to participate in one or more activities, send a mail to buitenzorg@buitenzorgbaarn.nl stating which activities you would like to do and with how many participants.

Activities with a green Oak badge are nature and environment activities and are SCENES proof!

Champions for nature – Earth Tribeblad groen

Buitenzorg Actief

 Buitenzorg active badgeblad groen

Fotohike blauw thumb

Photo hike Blue


Fotohike rood

Photo hike Red



Leather working


Boogschieten thumb


Survival bracelet thumb 

Survival bracelet

Clog painting

Nature game boxblad groen

blad groen

Bat detector

Mini pionieren thumb

Mini pioneering


Climbing forest

 Museum Speurtocht thumb

Museum Scavenger Hunt

blad groen

QR code tour

Dangerous to be an animalblad groen

blad groen

Many blisters hike

Mini Solar cookerblad groen

Forest scavenger Huntblad groen


Cycle routes