Price: € 2,50 per badge. Additional costs can apply for the various program components.

Age: Cubs, Scouts, Explorers


As a SCENES Centre (Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature, Environment and Sustainability) we are actively involved in the Earth Tribe. Will you join us by participating in the Champions of nature challenge?

By participating you will take action, learn about your own influence on nature and the environment. You will discover nature at Scout Centre Buitenzorg and you will take on the challenge of making a positive contribution to a sustainable future for our planet! 

The program consists of three parts that can be performed in two or three half-days. 

  1. Awareness:discover your ecological footprint and discuss this with each other. 
  2. Active:a nature or environmental activity at or around Scout Centre Buitenzorg. You can use the SCENES (recognisable by the green oak leaf on the website) activities on the campsite or, in consultation with Scout Centre Buitenzorg, contribute to nature conservation on the campsite. 
  3. Future:Think of solutions and actions that will have a positive influence on nature, the environment and how you can get this started at home. Briefly present this plan to the staff of Scout Centre Buitenzorg. 

After completing the different parts, you are a member of the worldwide Earth Tribe network and you will receive a badge! 


Note: This program is only offered during the summer camp weeks. Send an email to Buitenzorg to inquire about the possibilities and receive more information!