Climbing forest

Price: from €16,25

Age:  Scouts, Explorers

Duration:  Three hours


A short walk from the campsite, Hoge Vuurseweg 9 Lage Vuursche, you'll find Climbing Forest Gooi Eemland. This is the kingdom of Climbing Forests. Located at the Utrechtse Heuvelrug on a beautiful estate. A true paradise with 10 routes, with heights going from 2 to 22,5m! Come and see for yourself! 

A trip to the climbing forest is for three hours, this includes the safety instructions, handing out and returning the climbing equipment etc. You'll have a full two hours to explore and enjoy the climbing forest.

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Extra info per 1 July 2021

Make your reservation for the climbing forest through Buitenzorg and you'll receive discount on the tickets. The price is then €16,25 per person.

The climbing forest has made it possible that Scouts can go climbing on a Thursday morning at 09:40 during the summer holiday.

If you would like to go climbing on another day, contact Buitenzorg and they will see what they can do for you.

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