If you do not want to bring your own camping equipment, we have the following items for rent.

Camping gas tanks

We have gas tanks available (butane/propane) for a small price. You pay the actual prices for the gas that you have used. We also sell matching pressure regulator gauges (€6,50 per piece). Please let us know how many you would need when booking your stay.


Tent rental

Buitenzorg has 2 M25 tents for rent. The tents are 5 x 8 meters and are suitable for 16 persons to sleep in but have a separate ground sheet. They cost €27,50 per day. Please let us know how many you would need when booking your stay.


Camping kitchen box/patrol boxes

We have 4 boxes for rent, containing the most essential kitchen utensils for 10 persons.

Each box contains:

1x washing up brush

2x washing-up bowls

1x biological washing-up liquid

1x sponge

1x dish cloth

4x tea towels

1x bucket

3x pan and lid

2x frying pans

1x saucepan with lid

1x measuring cup

1x bowl with lid

2x cutting boards

2x strainers

1x thermos

1x windbreak

1x potato masher

1x pancake turner

1x wooden spatula

2x wooden spoons

2x ladles

2x paring knives

1x cheese slicer

1x bread knife

1x steak knife

1x meat fork

1x whisk

1x skimmer

10x plates

10x knives

10x forks

10x spoons

10x tea spoons

10x mugs

1x cutlery box

1x lamp

1x tin opener

1x bowl

4x cling container

1x buckle

Please let us know how many boxes you would need when booking your stay. They cost €6,00 per day



You can rent 2-pit stoves for cooking. We can also provide you with the appropriate gas tanks. They cost €2,50 per day