Buitenzorg offers a number of active and challenging activities like archery, leather- and woodwork, survival bracelet or mini pioniering.

If you like hiking try our one or two day hike, or discover Baarn or the surroundings with a photo hike.

We are proud of the Nationaal Scoutingmuseum here at Buitenzorg. Why not ask for a guided tour of the museum or discover the museum on your own with our quiz.

There are enough activities for everyone. If you would like to participate in one or more activities send a mail to stating which activities you would like to do and with how many participants.


Activities with a green Oak badge are part of the Buitenzorg Green Badge

Buitenzorg Actief

 Buitenzorg active badge

1 daagse hike 

blad groen

1 day hike

2 daagse hike thumb

blad groen

2 day hike

Fotohike rood

blad groenPhoto hike Red

 Geocache thumb


  Leer bewerken


  Hout bewerken thumb


Fotohike blauw thumb

blad groen

Photo hike Blue

Survival bracelet thumb 

blad groen

Survival bracelet

 Klompen schilderen thumb

Clog painting


blad groen

Nature game box

Boogschieten thumb


 Mini pionieren thumb

Mini pioniering

 Goose Game thumb

Goose game

 Museum Speurtocht thumb

Museum Scavenger Hunt

QR code tocht

blad groen

QR code tour

blad groen

What's that in my tent?


blad groen

What's in the water?

blad groen

Bat detector


blad groen

Can you eat that?
work in progress


blad groen

Reading corner


blad groen

Many blisters hike

beaver group

blad groen

Beaver hike