At Buitenzorg you can experience nature. Come to Buitenzorg to explore and discover outdoor life. At Buitenzorg we like to be an example.


In 2019, we will join the SCENES network. SCENES stands for ‘Scout Centers of Excellence for Nature and Environment’ and is a certificate that is awarded by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) to scout centers that develop and advertise environmentfriendly policies towards their guests.

Caring for nature, caring for the campsite

Our team of volunteers work throughout the year to preserve the forest. They take care of the shrubs and trees on our campsite, they plant nursery plants and trees and protect the vegetation with fences of natural materials. With everything we do, we bear in mind our ecological footprint and try to minimize the distortion of the orginal forest. But mostly it is about the little things that we do, such as the use of environementfriendly detergents for cleaning, waste seperation, green energy and the use of sustainable building materials. Buitenzorg is partner of the Baarns Agreement on Climate, through which we collaborate with over 70 local entrepreneurs on sustainability.

Nature education at Buitenzorg

We encourage our guests to contribute to a green environment. Buitenzorg is a member of the Goose Network, a collaboration between European Scout Centers. Through the Goose Network, we offer nature education activities by which young scouts can learn about nature and about making ‘green’ choices. The Centers in the network learn from each other through joint programmes and staff exchange.